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Who We Were

The Way We Are

The Chaluts, though down to earth people, the kind of ‘ya’ see what you get’ types, both have quite interesting backgrounds. He, of French Canadian heritage, is known to look almost always impeccably dressed, especially on the golf course, which is understandable, considering that his background is men’s apparel. She, on the other hand, can finally relax: “After 25 years in the limelight, I abandoned makeup and high heels, and yes, pocketbooks as well,” she laughs. Talk about AWARDS--Ingrid traveled and filmed all over the globe with the Seven Stars Awards team and Chef Walter Staib, A Taste Of History | Winner of 15 Emmy® Awards, hosted the American Dream TV show for 17 years, based in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York. A Talk Show about People, their Heritage, Goals, Struggles and Dreams where she zeroed in on the heritage, family and the dreams of celebrities and successful people.  Lemme had an in-depth interview with Bill O'Reilly, probably the most controversial and most talked about TV journalist worldwide

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