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American Dream Show with Ingrid Lemme Forever

"Ingrid is the show. Her life and American dream are the inspiration for the show,"
Paul Monte, former CEO & GM of Gurney's Inn Resort & SeaWater Spa in Montauk, NY

“American Dream” was initially created in 1996 to explore the ancestral roots of interview subjects and their cultural niches in America. Now ( then)  in its 12th year, the talk show is bringing to the forefront the message of its title, underscoring the journeys guests take toward fulfilling their visions, which are emblematic of the American dream.

The talk show’s premise, in other words, is that the dream of success in America is not reserved for the chosen few; these visions, she suggested, can be achieved by all through hard work and dedication.

Having emigrated to the United States two decades ago from her native Germany, Mrs. Lemme is aware of the challenges foreigners face in cultural assimilation.

“I have a feeling for the subject of coming to America, because I came as an immigrant. I know what it means to pack your bags and to start all over again,” she said. In the beginning, Mrs. Lemme was particularly concerned that her accent would be a hindrance to her vision of creating and hosting her own talk show. But she didn’t allow her foreign inflection to hold her back. Working as the respected marketing and public relations director at Gurney’s Inn in the mid 1990s--As it turns out, Mrs. Lemme says that her German accent has been an asset in her professional life, helping her to create a unique on-screen persona.

Mr. Monte gives all credit for the show’s staying power to its host. “Ingrid is the show. Her life and American dream are the inspiration for the show,”

  • “American Dream” was initially aired on LTV, the local East Hampton public access station, and, in 2000, was picked up by WVVH-TV Hamptons Television, which is broadcast around the tri-state area. The 30-minute-long “American Dream” episodes were aired on WVVH-TV on Tuesdays at 6 p.m., Fridays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 p.m.

  • "I had the great honor of interviewing over 500 of the most interesting and accomplished people during my 17 years On the Air. Some of the shows are still available on YouTube, but I've added a couple of buttons below with a direct link to some interesting guests. Enjoy." -- Ingrid Lemme - Chalut

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