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Escape From Paradise

My husband and I are snowbirds, some of these fortunate retirees that are able to fly south as soon as it gets colder in the northern hemisphere. We think of our home locations as paradise, as we are spending our summers in the mountains of West Virginia, our winters on the ocean in Palm Coast, Florida and then in between we are visiting my beautiful hometown of Montauk on the East End of Long Island, New York. As much as we love the places where we live, Marcus and I are adventures and we are always looking forward to another exciting "Escape from Paradise”. Life is short and the bucket list long ;) ….

Let’s travel together! Follow us through my blog, on Facebook #EscapeFromParadise, on Instagram or look for my column in The Montauk Sun
Ps: The handsome guy featured in my cover photo is my husband. Marcus, the mountain man.


Almost Heaven

The Bavarian Inn, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Almost Heaven I am sure we all have had these no-impact getaways that we enjoyed but have soon forgotten. And then there are those places, Montauk is one of them, that stick and you know that you’ll have to return some day. Regardless of whether you’re an extro- or introvert, The Bavarian Inn located in historic Shepherdstown, WV, voted one of America’s Coolest Small Towns, should have a priority spot on the bucket list of anyo


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